Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships (ELTF) 2014

Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships – Australia 2014

The Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships (ELTF), funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations give an exceptional opportunity for practicing, retraining or pre-service language teachers to improve their language skills (in particular listening, speaking) while experiencing the culture of another country through a three-week in-country study program in January 2014.

The successful awarded with  the study program will undertake an intensive program consisting of language training, field trips, cultural activities and will have the opportunity to meet local people and experience language immersion in everyday life.

The program offers return airfares, accommodation, tuition, some meals, field trips and cultural activities.

2014 programs are now open to practising, retraining and pre-service teachers of Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and to practicing teachers of French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

To date the ELTF program only provides language and culture experience of  10  languages other than English (LOTE).  To present there are 13 official language subjects in the Australian National Curriculum, which now are going under review and reformation.

The 13 official languages subjects of the Australian National Curriculum are:

–       Arabic

–       French

–       German

–       Indonesian

–       Japanese

–       Korean

–       Modern Greek

–       Spanish

–       Vietnamese

–       Chinese

–       Italian

–       Hindi  (currently it’s under review)

–       Turkish  (currently it’s under review)
How to apply: Eligibility requirements, key dates and further information can be found at http://www.eltf.austraining.com.au/

If you are interested in the opportunity to visit the country of the language you teach or will teach, apply to ELTF website.

Applications close June 25, 2013

The Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships Program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowships Program is managed by Austraining International in partnership with the University of Adelaide Centre for Professional and Continuing Education.
Source: Endeavor Language Teacher Fellowships – Austraining International website.


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