Singapore incorporates Spanish in its Educational System

The growing demand of  Spanish language in Singapore!

Singapore has included “Spanish” in its Educational System. From 2014, secondary students (from 12 to 17 years old) will start studying Spanish as a foreign language and as a third language subject option in Singaporean schools. From 2018 Spanish language will be integrated as part of the academic curriculum in Junior Colleges. This was announced by Education Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lawrence Wong, at the inaugural of a new Foreign language Center in Singapore.

In addition, Singapore has shown a specially rising interest in Latin America. Definitely, Singapore is one of the main Asian countries whom encourage the Forum for Cooperation among East Asia and Latin America (FEALAC), as Singapore initiative, this Forum was introduced since 1999.

Moreover, the Educational Minister of Singapore emphasizes increasing relations among Spain, Latin America and Singapore, as well as Singapore’s interest is to promote the Spanish language knowledge contributing to further strengthen bonds with Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

This pronouncement has become real as a consequence of an agreement with regards to cultural, education and science cooperation approved between Spain and Singapore in April 2011 and likewise it provides retort to the budding demand for Spanish classes by students and professionals in this country.

The Prime Minister of Spain (Mariano Rajoy) during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore (Tharman Shanmugaratnam) in La Moncloa, Spain.

Source: Ministry of Education Singapore.


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