Business Mandarin, Spanish or English?

Which language controls the most growing for today and the future?

Nowadays “English language” is facing challenges that upset its long-term permanency in the business world. Even though many depend on it heavily to communicate transversely cultures, it might not be long before we say ‘adiós’ or ‘zai jian’ to the dominance of English in business. The requirement to take “Spanish and Mandarin” language training courses is progressively essential because of the emerging economies of their native speakers. As businesses look for that competitive edge, they are turning to Spanish-speaking marketplaces in North, Central and South America and Mandarin speaking economies in the Asia-Pacific.

Do you Speak Spanish and English?  Well, you could triumph over the Americas….

English is the modern day lingua franca of business, largely because of its use in the world’s largest economy. Although relatively slowly, this linguistic hegemony is in the process of changing. The influence of the Spanish language in the United Sates of America is one contributing factor to this transformation. The Spanish – speaking population is the fastest emergent market sector in the USA and has grown by 60% in just one decade creating Spanish – speaking residents buying power in this nation.

In addition, combining with the level of influence Spanish – speaking culture has on USA history and the economy makes the Spanish language a great candidate for becoming an international language of business.  Several people even emphasize that the foremost language spoken in the USA in 2050 will indeed be Spanish making it even more perilous for many businesses to offer Spanish language training to their employees as they plan their long-term strategies.  The largely Spanish-speaking and progressively influential continent sitting just below the USA makes the Spanish language even more attractive to international businesses.

One billion Mandarin speakers and counting…

Furthermore, another main challenge to English as the international language of business is the growing position and impact of the Chinese economy. Approximately, there are one billion Mandarin speakers across the globe making it the largest linguistic group in the world. Recently, China has spread its economic and business interests beyond their geographical borders and, in a world which is threaten with economic crises. China seems to be coming out on top.

The Chinese are also expanding rapidly into the African continent through government funding for construction and other schemes. Even though, Chinese labour force in Africa are in general housed in compounds away from local populations, their snowballing immersion in Africa is probable to impact the cultures and economies there and Mandarin will become even more widespread across the world.

Are we witnessing a critical moment in linguistic history?

Even if there are other languages such as Spanish and Mandarin who at times appear to be the most important contestants for the business lingua franca, there are many who believe that English is here for the long run and that we might even be witnessing a critical moment in linguistic history.  Quoted in an article on Resilience Science by linguist David Crystal states: ‘This is the first time we actually have a language spoken genuinely globally by every country in the world’.

Regardless of this perspective, understanding business leaders around the world know that, without a doubt, investing in Spanish language training or Mandarin language training courses will open international doors and help organizations to gain a substantial edge in business, particularly in these challenging financial times. This advantage will unquestionably benefit your international organization both nowadays and in the forthcoming.

So, What’s the state of language in our world?

What's the state of language in our world?


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